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Are you using CAA records?

With the approval of ballot 187 the Certificate Authorities must check and respect the CAA records that are found in the DNS of a domain. This additional check is active since September 17, 2017. CAA stands for Certification Authority Authorization and is a standard designed to help the owners of a domain by preventing the issuance of rogue or unauthorized SSL/TLS certificates for that domain. Why should you use CAA records All Certificate Authorities can issue domain validated certificates.

PostgreSQL and SSL/TLS

Encryption of data in transfer is not only important for web servers and mail servers. You can also use SSL/TLS on database servers like PostgreSQL. This will make the usage of an SQL server on the internet a little bit more safe. As a regular PostgreSQL user I sometimes have to lookup some settings to make PostgreSQL available over an SSL/TLS connection. Now it’s time to share some notes about this.

Get ciphers with nmap

Good cipher usage is important for the encryption of you connection. With nmap we can look at them and harden the config where needed. For that we use the nmap scripting engine with ssl-enum-ciphers script.