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Install OWASP ZAP on Ubuntu 19.10

This is a short manual about installing OWASP ZAP 2.8.0 on Ubuntu 19.10. It is not difficult, but somehow I always need to look it up.

First, I’ve installed a clean Ubuntu 19.10 version on my computer. OWASP ZAP needs to have Java to run correctly. Java can be installed from the command line with the following command.

$ sudo apt install default-jre
$ java --version
openjdk 11.0.5-ea 2019-10-15
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 11.0.5-ea+10-post-Ubuntu-0ubuntu1)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 11.0.5-ea+10-post-Ubuntu-0ubuntu1, mixed mode, sharing)

Now that we have Java, we need to download and install OWASP ZAP from the following Github page.

I choose to download the Linux installer. If you want to do that from the command line:

$ wget

After downloading we make the file executable and we run it from the command line with sudo.

$ chmod 755
$ sudo ./

Now the installer starts and you can follow the instructions on the screen.

img/owasp-zap-install01.png owasp-zap-install02.png owasp-zap-install03.png owasp-zap-install04.png img/owasp-zap-install04.png

After installing OWASP ZAP, there is a shortcut in the menu that we can use to start


Now OWASP ZAP starts. A nice new feature in version 2.8.0 is the heads up display (HUD). When you start your browser from the OWASP ZAP menu, in my case Firefox, OWASP ZAP start Firefox with the right settings and an introduction tutorial to the OWASP ZAP Heads Up Display.

2019-10-29 10:25
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