Bamboo Flooring Is the New Trend

by Lloyd Gomez
Bamboo Flooring

It was some time ago that bamboo flooring was a “new and innovative idea” when it first came about. Bamboo flooring is a top choice in the western world because it is so durable. It can resist being exposed to water through an entire year’s time and it will not crack or split as most traditional flooring types do.

Bamboo flooring can be a beautiful option for people who want to keep the earth-friendly theme going in their homes, especially those who have a tropical or home with an ocean-side theme. It is also a great alternative to natural wood.

Why Do People Prefer Bamboo?

People like bamboo because it is sturdy. Bamboo is harder than oak, maple, marble or softwood and the size and thickness can vary anywhere from a couple of inches to 7 centimeters. Bamboo flooring is made primarily from very tall and solid bamboo poles.

Bamboo flooring is custom made to the job. This flooring are available at cost-effective online stores, do-it-yourself stores and many other types of sources. Pottery works and carpenters use bamboo poles to make end caps and trim, in case you’re fixing items to be attached to the wall.

Most bamboo flooring is sold by the square yard, otherwise known as a square foot, depending on the type you purchase. The bamboo bathroom flooring is most commonly sold in sheets but you can also get them in rolls as well.

Both the bamboo flooring and the roll bamboo bathroom flooring are great for people with a very difficult time working with larger items, such as measuring. Both types of bamboo are easy to work with and really sturdy for easy installation.

Another great feature of bamboo is that it is naturally resistant to moisture, which is great when installing bamboo flooring for a bathroom in the bathroom where water is plentiful. It also tends to blend in well with the rest of your room, unlike traditional wood floors, which tend to look far from natural.

How Is It Made?

Bamboo flooring is made of bamboo lengths across a wickers frame and then sewn together. Sometimes, bamboo flooring is even screwed together. These bamboo floors are installed over prepare surfaces, whether the floor is concrete, wooden, or tile.

You can always build your own bamboo flooring if you know how, but most of the time, they are already made and all you need to do is install them.

Installing Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo bath floors require no special installation, which actually makes them a good solution for renters or those looking for a dash of luxury for their bathrooms. To install the flooring you will need floor covering kits or adhesive, water resistant wallpaper if your walls are not waterproof, and adhesive. It is best to use the water-resistant ones, especially in humid bathrooms or shower areas.

Bamboo floors and strips are commonly installed, together or separately. If you put them on separately, you can use any type of flooring for the area, but if you put them together, use solid flat strips for protection. The strips should be tight to each other.

Once you’re finished, stand back and admire your new bamboo flooring. If you reside in Southern Colorado and would like to discuss your flooring options, please reach out to Hardwood Floor Refinishing Colorado Springs and we’d be happen to assist.

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